Streamovations Transcription Module

Streamovations Transcription Module is a complete transcription package. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience and constant improvement, this is the most complete solution you will find. This cloud-based application is a reliable solution for the production and management of transcriptions, both live and on-demand.
In addition to (multilingual) transcription service for your events, there are numerous possibilities to fine-tune and enrich your transcriptions. You can edit your transcriptions, add speakers, and add agenda items to your transcription.


·        Transcribe an unlimited number of languages and increase your audience significantly.

·        When using live transcription, you are also capable of doing live subtitling

·        You can edit your transcriptions.

·        Agenda & speakers can be added.

·        Various partner integrations (like MS Azure, Amberscript, …)

·        Distribute your transcriptions in different formats like *.docx and *.pdf

·        Fully documented


Useful postproduction tool
Fine tune your transcription before publishing it online.

Live Transcriptions to Live Subtitles
If you choose for the Live Transcription, you also get the live subtitles in different formats VTT, SRT, TTML, JSON, … aswell as the ability to push them in near-realtime to your viewers.

Enriching metadata
Add topics, speakers, or other data to your transcription.

User management
Set roles and privileges to provide your staff with the right tools to get started.

Detailed logs
Find out what happened to a specific transcript. The logs will tell you what actions were taken, when and by whom.

Download your transcripts in different formats *.docx and *.pdf.

Monitoring & diagnostics
Double-check if everything is up and running as it should.

Run as a standalone product
You can run the Streamovations Transcription Module as a standalone service.

Integrated in EncoderStudio
The Streamovations Transcription Module is also integrated in our flagship EncoderStudio.