Streamovations RecorderStudio is a versatile and advanced audiovisual (AV) recording tool designed to meet the needs of professional recording environments. Here are the main points:

  • Functionality: Streamovations RecorderStudio is a Linux-based software recorder that can operate both as a standalone and managed AV recording tool with metadata capabilities. It is web-based and supports browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  • Compatibility: The recorder supports a wide range of audio and video inputs including Dante, AES 67, SDI, HDMI, and line-in. It can handle multiple audio and video channels, with specific channel capacities for SDI, HDMI, and Dante.
  • Recording Features: Key features include 24-hour recording, scheduled recording, live playback, trimming while recording, and exporting in multiple formats along with associated metadata.
  • System Integration and Support: The RecorderStudio is compatible with various conferencing systems (like Televic, Bosch, Shure, Taiden, MVI) for metadata acquisition, and it offers API integration for third-party meeting or conference management tools.
  • Hardware Requirements: Clients are advised to provide their hardware for the installation. The requirements vary based on the number of audio and video channels. Recommended specifications include a Linux machine with Debian 11, an Intel processor, sufficient RAM, SSD storage, and necessary network ports.
  • Capture Cards and Management Tool Requirements: Specific recommendations are made for capture cards (e.g., Osprey Raptor 925 series) and management tools, each with its hardware specifications.
  • Storage: Storage requirements depend on the volume of meetings and recordings.

Overall, the Streamovations RecorderStudio is positioned as a powerful and flexible solution for professional AV recording, offering a high degree of customization and integration to suit various recording and conferencing scenarios.

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