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Solutions for multilingual institutions

Streamovations offers solutions for multilingual institutions like parliaments, European institutions, international companies,… These are often complex environments where a well- design infrastructure can be of great importance. Our software works on a public and a secured internal network. Our specialists take care of the complete installation, training and aftercare. Our support team is ready to help you.


  • More reach with multiple languages
  • Storage reduction by adding multiple audiotracks to one single video
  • High security levels are available
  • complex environments
  • Social media
  • ease of use
  • user management

Multilingual clients

How does it work?

With our easy to use application you can manage all the sessions. You can choose per session which languages are used, to which social media platforms they are streamed or if there are multiple channels to be streamed. 

After a live session a recording can be fine-tuned in the post-production of our application. That way you can cut of the redundant intro or lunch break from a recording.

ES3 Post production


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Solutions for cities and municipalities

Digital reporting becomes a breeze. To fully comply with the needs of cities and municipalities we have further improved the usability of our product. You can choose between just audio or video streaming with or without topics and / or speakers. With our software you can digitise, archive and stream your city council meetings. We also integrate with e.g. Cobra from Cevi which makes it even easier. We have created integrations with Zoom, Webex and MS Teams to stream your meetings easily.


  • Simple digitising of city councils
  • Make videos searchable
  • Add topics and speakers
  • Useful integrations
  • Reach your cities or municipalities audience using online streaming