Hardware Encoders are devices that convert data from one format to another. They are essential to convert the feed from your camera to streamable data.

We provide hardware only for live streaming. It is specificly created to work in perfect harmony with all of our components. These encoders can come in smaller, portable boxes or larger permanent fixtures. Streamovations collaborates with Osprey Video for its multilingual hardware solutions.

Multilingual Base System

The simplest solution to stream up to 16 audiochannels in one system.

Hardware Encoder
+ Encoder Studio Software
+ Aiko Player

Intel® i7Quad Core Small Form Factor PC

CPU power to support simultaneous encodes
Intel i7-4790S, Quad Core, 3.2GHz
• 120GB SSD (for operating system and applications)
• 802.11ac WiFi/Intel Gigabit LAN
• Integrated Graphics (Display Port, DVI and HDMI)
• 2 Bays for removable SATA Hard Drives (drives not included)

Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional OS
• Full Desktop OS for best encoding performance
• Allows for user installed software

PCIe 3.0 Slot
• Supports a Single Osprey PCIe capture card
• Allows expansion slot for Osprey 800a if needed

• 8.5”x15.75”x3.50”
• All metal custom case with rack handles, available in single or dual rack mount configurations.