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The importance of going live with your events.

Going live provides many benefits. It opens up the communication between you and your audience and engages your viewers with your company, product or brand.

Streaming is already being leveraged by many companies and institutions, in order to expand the reach and impact of key events, meetings and messages. Depending upon the nature of your business, you can use live streaming or on-demand videos in numerous ways.

· Live training classes and product information to your customers, partners and employees.
· Showcase and promote your products or services.
· Transparent communication to spread awareness
· Make live announcements
· Host online meetings
· and many more

Live streaming can be used in all aspects of business, entertainment and education. It increases your reach and gains more interest worldwide. Especially when you add multiple languages.

In addition to your live event, you can make a recording and make it available for viewing at a later date. That means people who can’t watch live can watch the replay anytime they want.

You can also embed the resulting video - edited or not - into your website and show it off on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media venues.

We deliver video streaming and webcasting for many live events every year. ES Go Live provides everything you need to stream your event.

The Encoder Studio software is used to stream your events.

Discover the possibilities

Streaming at the European Parliament
The infrastructure at our client is completely integrated with our software. In no time your event is up and running.

Streaming from various locations
We connect your infrastructure (camera’s, microphones,...) to our mobile encoder. The encoder can handle up to 32 languages and can easily be transported.

The basic service

Social Media streaming
We offer a professional Facebook, YouTube and Twitter streaming service to make your stream accessible to everyone.

Reaching your audience
Embed your stream into your website or use the streaming webpage to reach your audience on any device or platform.

Content Publishing
No need to seek out separate solutions for live streaming and video on demand (the recording of your live session).

After the live event, you can immediately publish the Video on Demand. It becomes available to your audience whenever and wherever you want.

Powerful statistics
Measure the success of your stream. We provide statistics for every event for as well the live event as the Video on Demand.

Adding extras
To make this possible we use the experience we have gained from managing consultancy projects for many of our clients. We will make recommendations to deliver quick and lasting results.

Supportive Team
Before, during and after your event, we are ready to make your stream a success.

Is it not enough?

Discover all possibilities from Encoder Studio.

Discover the possibilities