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Streamovations Streaming Software

Benefits of live streaming

Going live provides many benefits. It opens up the communication between you and your audience and engages your viewers with your company, product or brand.

Streaming is already being leveraged by many companies and institutions, in order to expand the reach and impact of key events, meetings and messages. Depending on the nature of your business, you can use live streaming in numerous ways.

· Live training
· Product information
· Showcase and promote your products or services
· Transparent communication to spread awareness
· Make live announcements
· Host online meetings
· and many more

Live streaming can be used in all aspects of business, entertainment and education. It increases your reach and gains more interest worldwide. Especially when you go multilingual.

To make a great thing even better, you can record your live event and make it available for viewing at a later date. That means people who can’t watch live can watch the replay anytime they want.

Finally, you can share your stream on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter (Periscope) and other social media venues.

One of our major innovations has been the development of a reliable solution for the production and management of streams.

Encoder Studio is a cloud based streaming solution that can also be installed as an in- house application. It works in easy and complex environments.

We colaborate with our clients to find the best solution for specific needs. We do research, try out new technologies en try to invent new modules, applications, features, ...

Broaden your audience, maximize your reach and increase your viewers.

Make your video available in unlimited amount of languages. Each additional language increases your reach and helps you get a global audience.

The benefits of Encoder Studio

  • Stream unlimited amount of languages and increase your audience signifcantly.
  • Enlarge your reach true social media?
  • Stream from two cameras at once with dual streaming capabilities.
  • Agenda & speakers can be added.
  • Easy video archiving via download.
  • Statistics that tell you who watched the video, live and on demand.

Encoder Studio Features

Handy post production tool
Refine your recording before publishing it online. Add and synchronize audio, trim video, insert pauses, ... Everything is possible.

Enriching metadata
Add topics, speakers, presentations or other data to a stream at any time before, during or after the event. Give viewers the right information at the right time, live and in replay.

Social media streaming
Stream live on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, … and reach a large and worldwide audience.

Powerful statistics
Measure the success of your stream, for live as well as on-demand streams.

Scheduled or manual start/stop
Starting and stopping streams is as easy as pressing a button. With our scheduler you can even program things to start and stop automatically at the appropriate times.

High Level Security
Internet or intranet… secure your content with advanced access controls such as password protection and geo-blocking.

Dual streaming
Stream and record from two cameras at the same time and get two videos that play in perfect sync.

User management
Set roles and privileges to provide your staff the right tools to get started.

Whether you need to comply to data retention regulations or you just want to save on storage space, Encoder Studio allows you to set rules to automatically delete data after a specific time.

Unlimited languages
Add as many languages as you need. Our solution supports unlimited audio tracks to a single video. The viewer is free to choose between all the languages you provide.

Watch the event from the streaming webpage or embed into your own website. The stream is accessible on virtually any device or platform thanks to our player.

Detailed logs
Find out what happened to a specific stream. The logs will tell you what actions were taken, when and by whom.

Download your stream or a part of the stream to your computer

Monitoring & diagnostics
No worries! Double-check if everything is up and running as it should.